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When you see someone wearing a stylish pair of plaid pants you just know they are someone forward-thinking and hip. Plaid pants are sophisticated and classy yet also artsy and hipster. The right pair of plaid pants can set your wardrobe off in an enviable way. They combine extremely well with solid colored tops and shirts, adding interest and instantly “dressing up” anything in your closet. So why are good plaid pants so hard to find?

Plaid pants can work in a business or personal setting, depending on the cut and fabric as well as on what you pair them with. Since plaid pants aren’t an extremely common clothing item, they can set you apart and make you memorable to whoever you interact with. Be prepared for a deluge of comments and compliments the first time you wear plaid pants. People will definitely notice and they will certainly say something.


With a white or cream top your plaid pants can look very hip. This works best with pressed, laundered, or ironed shirts.


In a world where 80% of people wear jeans and the rest wear shorts, plaid pants can add a dash of character to your outfit.


If you really want to make a splash, try pairing plaid pants with a bold and colorful shirt. You’ll catch many eyes.

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